157-162 Rousse
Real Sex Doll Canada Options for Full Silicone Doll

Advance Intelligent Sound System Heating System + Moaning
You can ask more than 50 pre-questions and she will give you sexy answers see sample video
Touch moaning 5 places

These are some question you can ask:

1. Q: Do you like sex?
2. Q: Do you want me to fuck you?
3. Q: Are you ready for my big dick baby?
4. Q: Tell me what you want?

5. Q: Do you like that?
6. Q: Do you want me inside you?
7. Q: Tell me who owns this fucking pussy?
8. Q: Your tight pussy feels so good.

9. Q: I love being inside of you.
10. Q: You're so good baby.
11. Q: I love that pretty little ass baby.
12. Q: I'm goanna cum.
13. Q: What do you like?
14. Q: I want to cum all over your tits.
15. Q: Do you love me baby?


Program start and end as your request


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